Thursday, April 27, 2006

How to Prepare an Oral Presentation compare with The Ten Commandments of Client Presentation

How to Prepare an Oral Presentation(1) suggests having an Introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The Introduction should have a hook to get the attention of the audience it also should have the Thesis and a word to make the transition to the next step.
Body is the development of the speech. This Website gives the idea of make the presentation in a "hierarchy (tree)" order. It is also importat to think about the kind of audience that is going to be.

The conclusion is the sum of your main points. At this step it is necessary to catch your audiencia atention again. So it is important to say something memorial in order to keep the audience thinking about the ideas that were presented.

This website is very similar for example, they bouth mention that the speech should have a "hook". It is also necessary to mention "show your ideas" or " label your ideas". The person has to be prepare.

I think that the difference between these two websites is that The Ten commandaments (2) are more for objects and the secound one is for ideas. I say that because The Ten commandaments uses the word "Show it" while the other one says "label your ideas".

(1) Student Learning Services, Concordia University
(2) Published May 1991 in Consultants News


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