Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"El Senor Presidente"

Miguel Anguel Asturias, is the writer of "El Senor Presidente" this book is an story about the goverments that Latin America has in the 1920's but nowadays there are some countries with this kind of goverments. Asturias won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1967
The biginning of his book is a little similar with the story "The Jewbird" written by Malamud. It maybe just my understanding but I think that bouth stories start with a kind of exorcism. Bouth stories are about something very sad that is necessary to do this at the biginning of the story.
If you decide to read this book I advise you like one of my friends did, read the book in daylight and not at night it is very sad. In many cases people do not want to read this kind of books, but I think it is important to know what happen to others.


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