Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No sleeping

I am the mother of an infant. As a result of that I am usually tired. One day I saw in a magazine (1) a picture of a woman who could not sleep either. I thought that it may be have a solution to my problem. This woman in the story was the mother of 3-year-old boy. Accoding to the description in the article she is as tired as me. She went to see her doctor, who sent her to the Sleep Disorder Center. There put her in a lab. The first night she sleet for 8 hours. Her "pulmonologist told her that during these 8 hours she had awakened 245 times.

After reading this I realized that I am not in this group. I sleep wery well (at leat I think so) and I just wake up whe my daughter cries. My doughter usually wakes up three or two times per night. I think I am tired because I do not sleep with out interruptions. When I did not have a daughter one of my hobbies was sleep.
(1)Newsweek,24,2006 Kantrowitz, B.


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