Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Poverty in the South

I alwas ask myself why the United States is more financially well from the rest of the Americas. Accordng to "Politics of Latin America" (Vaden, Harry E; Prevost, Gary) many thinkers and leaders have the some question. One of the answers is that North America, The United States and Canada, found that the goverments have to control the prices for primary products. The prices for primary products do not rise at the same rhythm than its production. The problem is that "finished goods" rise their prices very fast. Thas way computers, cars machinery etc., are more expensive.

One big problem is that countries like Suth America, Mexico included, buy finished goods, at very expensive precies whereas they sell their primary products at very cheap prices. I have not mentioned corruption, but it is another element that does not help these countries to get better.


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