Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This morning I came early to kean. My computer is not working and I need to finish my paper for my English class. My mother-in-law is taking care of my daughter. I needed a coffee. Meanwhile i was drinking my coffee I read an article in The Newyorker, May 8, 2006, "The financial Page Through the Roof" by James surowiecki. It is about how the houses prices are very high. It says that it may be just a "boom". According to my understanding, I think it is about companies that are trying to make bussiness with this fact. They are planning to sell insurences in case the prices burst. Surowiecki gives as an example that a fire ocurred in London in 1666 started the insures agains fires. The article says that this insurence company was iniciated by Nicholas Barbon and that at the "end of the century fire insurance was a thriving business."

I think that on one hand there are some business that are lucky. And some people usually can smell were that good business are. On the other hand, there many people trying to do something in life and they are just no lucky. Sometimer I think that individuals are born with good luck and other with bad luck.


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