Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Tandem running"

The tandem running
Franks and Tom Richardson,(from Bristol), found a way of communication within ants that they called “Tandem running”. It consists in an leading ant showing the others the way to a source of food. And the made a comparison between ants and humans saying that is the same when somebody walk to some place many times in order to teach the other one the way. Or also it is like a teacher making sure if his or her students has learned.
There is critique from Houser (from Harvard). He says that “any kind of communication” is not “teaching” (National

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Jewbird

The Jewbird is a short story written by Bernard Malamud an American Jewish writer. The story is about Schwartz a crow who calls himself a Jewbird and Harry Cohen an american Jew, his wife Edie and his son Maurie.
The Cohen family lives in an apartment on First Avenue in New York.
One day when the family is eating dinner Schwartz comes through the open window. The family is scared when they see the black bird. They become more amazed when they hear Schwartz say, "Gevalt, a pogrom!" that the bird talks and in Jewish. He also says that he is running from Anti-Semeets that can be others birds even birds from his own family.
The author describes the relationship between Schwartz and the Cohen family. And how Cohen tries to get rid of Schwartz. It ends dramatically when Schwartz is killed by Cohen. Edie and Maurie find the dead body and assume that Anti-Semeets have done it.

In my opinion, the confrontation within Cohen and Schwartz culture or/and religion shows how individuals rejecte what they want to forget . Cohen is an American Jew while Schwartz is a radical Jew. Cohen does not speak Jewish for example and The Bird says "I'm an old radical".
After reading "The Jewbird" your spirit feels elevated. At firts it is very difficult to understand everything but eventually you can enjoy the way that it is written. The idea of choosing a bird to represent one of the characters says a lot of the imagination of the writer and gives a magical realism tone to the story.