Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Keys to make a good essay!!

Each paper has to have two essential parts: The introduction and the conclusion.
The introduction has to have something that capture the reader. There are some specific ways to do it, for example; it is posible to write statistics, quatations, tell something shocking or so. In any of the above cases it is necessary to include the following 4 elements, the topic, previous research, gap and how the current research fills the gap.
The conclusion has to give the reader a summarize of the essay, or a some advice.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Something about Malamud

On March 9, looking at The New York Times in the Internet I saw the following headline “Bernard Malamud’s daughter finally tells his secrets.” It called my attention because my paper # 1 in my Composition class was about “The Jewbird” written by Malamud.
I read the article and I learned that his daughter Janna Malamud Smith 54 years old, wrote a book about his father’s life. The book is called “My father is a Book”. She also says that writing was the way that his father concealed his shame. So, many of his books, even though were presented as fictional, they content a lot about his real life. (Smith, Dinitia).

The article was very interesting for me. I enjoyed the story "The Jewbird" a lot. I am still working in it. So, everything that I learn from the author makes me think more about the meaning of the story. Now, I am thinking if the author was represented by Cohen or Schwardz, if none, who were them?