Thursday, April 27, 2006

How to Prepare an Oral Presentation compare with The Ten Commandments of Client Presentation

How to Prepare an Oral Presentation(1) suggests having an Introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The Introduction should have a hook to get the attention of the audience it also should have the Thesis and a word to make the transition to the next step.
Body is the development of the speech. This Website gives the idea of make the presentation in a "hierarchy (tree)" order. It is also importat to think about the kind of audience that is going to be.

The conclusion is the sum of your main points. At this step it is necessary to catch your audiencia atention again. So it is important to say something memorial in order to keep the audience thinking about the ideas that were presented.

This website is very similar for example, they bouth mention that the speech should have a "hook". It is also necessary to mention "show your ideas" or " label your ideas". The person has to be prepare.

I think that the difference between these two websites is that The Ten commandaments (2) are more for objects and the secound one is for ideas. I say that because The Ten commandaments uses the word "Show it" while the other one says "label your ideas".

(1) Student Learning Services, Concordia University
(2) Published May 1991 in Consultants News

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Today we learned the step to development an essay. We chose a theme an everybody gave their ideas. First we thought about "fat people." Finally, our Claim was: "Kean University is better than Rutgers." We wrote down some topics about what our paper would be. Some patterns that our professor taught talked about were: That we can describe or narrate, make comparison. In any case we have to give as much examples as we can.

This class was OK., but I think we needed to be more prepared for this class. We talked about many aspects the the universities should be measure but we forgot to mention that the students are a very important part of that measure. If the student are demanding the professor has to give more. But if the professor is trying to teach and the students are trying to just past the class it is going to be a negative consecuence.

Monday, April 10, 2006

A good salesperson

In Spanish there is an expression to refer somebody who can sell everything; "If rock sells, rocks people buy." I do not know if that expression makes sense in English but I think it is the appropriate saying that would fit Steve. He has the energy and the passion that a salesman needs. I also think that the tips he gets from Carmine Gallo helps him to say what people like to hear. One of the tips that we can see is that his presentations are direct and short. So his enthusiasm combined with Carmine's advice makes him very successful in his business.
In some way it is possible to compare a salesperson speech to a paper or article. If the article is well written many people is going to read it. If a product is well presented a lot people is going to buy it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thanks Professor Campell.

In addition to my English class, I am getting help from Professor Campell. She has been very helpful. I learned how to organize my ideas before starting writing a paper. Organizing my ideas was very difficult but with her thoughtful ideas I am getting a little better. In my last class, for example, she taught the order of adjectives. I am sure that you the readers know this order but because I am afraid of forgetting it I am going to write it down. The following is the order: determiner, evaluation or opinion, physical description (size, shape, age, color,) nationality, religion, material and the noun.
It is another great key to write well. Thanks Professor Campell

Learning to write.

I am taking a class in order to learn how to write in English. The class is twice a week from 7:50 to 10:30 pm. It is tiring because it is late in the night but the energy of my professor helps a lot to make the class very interesting and I almost always have more energy at the end of the class than at the beginning. The first thing that I learned was that paragraphs have to have a very specific connection within each other. I mean that it is necessary to mention in the paragraph the point that it is going to be mention in the net paragraph. The next thing was that sentences have to have connections too. In each sentence there is an old subject and a new subject.

This way is a very good guide to write a paper. Usually I would write without thinking in this direction. For me, these two rules have helped me a lot.