Monday, May 08, 2006

Co-sleeping with your baby

Sleeping with a newborn baby, or co-sleeping, is natural in some countries. For example, I am from Guatemala. There, every mother shares her bed with her infants. This might be because of a lack of living space or because family integration is a priority. The majority of the population in Guatemala is poor, which forces some parents to share rooms and many times beds with their children. But usually wealthy families also practice co-sleeping with their babies, which indicates that in Guatemala, the culture emphasizes a particular kind of closeness in families and less of an emphasis on fostering independence so early in a child's life. My mother, for example, had seven children and she shared the bed with each one of them. Consequently, for me sleeping with my own infant has been natural. Last year, when my daughter was born, I was surprised when my husband was upset because I wanted to sleep with my baby, in my bed. I did not understand that for people from the United States sharing the bed with their babies is rare. Some of their worries are sudden infant death syndrome and there is a cultural emphasis on raising independent and self-reliant kids. In Any case, according to some studies co-sleeping reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and promotes brestfeeding which is beneficial for infant health in adition the baby feels close to her mother.

One of the objections to sleeping with your baby is that SIDS is a threat for babies who share the bed with their parents. But some evidence show that co-sleeping might reduce this risk of SIDS because the mother's breathing and movements help regulate the breathing of babies who might be vulnerable to SIDS. "Conference supports the idea that human infants rely on the closeness of their mother to help them regulate their breathing and heart rate."(2)

Studies show also that breastfeeding is even easier and babies breastfeed for a period of time three times longer than babies that do not share the bed with their mothers. (1) This is beneficial because breasfeeding provides antibodies that protect the babies from risks such as being vulnerable to infectious diseases. Some of these illness are potential related to SIDS. One study found that co-sleeping might be one of the reasons that babies of Mexican-born mothers who live in California are at lower risk of SIDS than white mothers' babies "(.8/1000live birth) [versus] (1/1000)(1). " This might be because latin population are more likely to share the bed with their babies.

Another advantage of co-sleeping is that it in many cases, it results in greater closeness between mother and infant, and a feeling of security for the infant, because of the immediate availability of milk and love. ""[Co-sleeping] is convenient for some parents, especially nursing mothers, and babies feel safe and loved when they are close to parents."(3)

Sharing abed is for parents that are healhty and willing to share their bed with their babies. There some excepcions for example if the parents are alcoholic bedsharing is not recommeded.
Summarizing the benefits of bedsharing I can say that if co-sleeping increases breastfeeding, and breastfeeding decreases SIDS, SIDS is decreased by co-sleeping.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This morning I came early to kean. My computer is not working and I need to finish my paper for my English class. My mother-in-law is taking care of my daughter. I needed a coffee. Meanwhile i was drinking my coffee I read an article in The Newyorker, May 8, 2006, "The financial Page Through the Roof" by James surowiecki. It is about how the houses prices are very high. It says that it may be just a "boom". According to my understanding, I think it is about companies that are trying to make bussiness with this fact. They are planning to sell insurences in case the prices burst. Surowiecki gives as an example that a fire ocurred in London in 1666 started the insures agains fires. The article says that this insurence company was iniciated by Nicholas Barbon and that at the "end of the century fire insurance was a thriving business."

I think that on one hand there are some business that are lucky. And some people usually can smell were that good business are. On the other hand, there many people trying to do something in life and they are just no lucky. Sometimer I think that individuals are born with good luck and other with bad luck.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"El Senor Presidente"

Miguel Anguel Asturias, is the writer of "El Senor Presidente" this book is an story about the goverments that Latin America has in the 1920's but nowadays there are some countries with this kind of goverments. Asturias won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1967
The biginning of his book is a little similar with the story "The Jewbird" written by Malamud. It maybe just my understanding but I think that bouth stories start with a kind of exorcism. Bouth stories are about something very sad that is necessary to do this at the biginning of the story.
If you decide to read this book I advise you like one of my friends did, read the book in daylight and not at night it is very sad. In many cases people do not want to read this kind of books, but I think it is important to know what happen to others.

Rigoberta Menchu

Rigoberta Menchu is a indigenous woman from Guatemala. She award the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. In her book "Me llamo Rigoberta Menchu y asi me Nacio la Conciencia" in Spanish or "I am Rigoberta Menchu" talks about her life and the life of people that like her were victims of the goverment repression. Her mother was burned alive. His father died in the some way in the Spanish embassy. Her book is also enriched with stories about culture, custombs, religion etc.

Rigoberta Menchu is one of the women that I admire because of her courage and convictions. She had a very difficul life and even though she is still working for "her People" like she would say. She actually has a foundation.

Jorge Luis Borges

If "The Jewbird" by Malamud is one of the favorites works, "The South" by Jorge Luis Borges is another one. Borges was born in Buenos Aires, 1899 and died in 1986. His stories are full of magic. Many times the reader is confused in the time, sometimes it is difficult to know where the reality starts and where a dream ends.

I am not good in literature but I like to read it. I think that our spirit is like our body, they both need to be feed.

Nutrition action

Nutrition Action, is the name of a magazine about health that my husband recieves every two weeks or maybe every week I am not sure. But reading an article about "White vs. whole wheat" I was very impressed. I knew that Whole wheat was better thatn just whites; which I did not was that the difference is a lot. They show a graphic where whole wheat has 100 % of nutrients and white just has a percent of that. For example, white wheat has 7 of Vitamin E, 13% of Vitamin B-6. If the white wheat is "enriched" it is higher in 5 nutrients: Riboflavin (B-2), Niacin (B-3), Thiamin (B-1), Iron, and Folate, but there are 8 more nutrients that are behind.

I think that I am going to continue with my habits of eating whole wheat. It is also amaizing the variety of tastes that it possible to find in whole wheat products. May 2006 (33)

No sleeping

I am the mother of an infant. As a result of that I am usually tired. One day I saw in a magazine (1) a picture of a woman who could not sleep either. I thought that it may be have a solution to my problem. This woman in the story was the mother of 3-year-old boy. Accoding to the description in the article she is as tired as me. She went to see her doctor, who sent her to the Sleep Disorder Center. There put her in a lab. The first night she sleet for 8 hours. Her "pulmonologist told her that during these 8 hours she had awakened 245 times.

After reading this I realized that I am not in this group. I sleep wery well (at leat I think so) and I just wake up whe my daughter cries. My doughter usually wakes up three or two times per night. I think I am tired because I do not sleep with out interruptions. When I did not have a daughter one of my hobbies was sleep.
(1)Newsweek,24,2006 Kantrowitz, B.

Poverty in the South

I alwas ask myself why the United States is more financially well from the rest of the Americas. Accordng to "Politics of Latin America" (Vaden, Harry E; Prevost, Gary) many thinkers and leaders have the some question. One of the answers is that North America, The United States and Canada, found that the goverments have to control the prices for primary products. The prices for primary products do not rise at the same rhythm than its production. The problem is that "finished goods" rise their prices very fast. Thas way computers, cars machinery etc., are more expensive.

One big problem is that countries like Suth America, Mexico included, buy finished goods, at very expensive precies whereas they sell their primary products at very cheap prices. I have not mentioned corruption, but it is another element that does not help these countries to get better.